“I’m going to bed,” she said when she was finished; Bluebell couldn’t argue. Phoebe hobbled upstairs, blanket draped over her shoulders and dragging behind her in lumps.

Image: Phoebe, viewed from the side, walks up the stairs. Only her head, which sports a tired expression, is visible- the rest of her body is obscured by her blanket. The lights are off upstairs, and the stairwell gets progressively darker as she ascends. End description.

When she got to her room she tossed it onto her mattress, crawled underneath, and fell into a deep sleep as the first light of morning touched the tips of her ears.

Upon awakening, her first thought was that she wanted to sleep longer. Curling under the covers, Phoebe buried herself deep inside them. The rhythm of the air conditioning fighting summer heat and the muffled voices from downstairs lulled her in and out of slumber. But neither of them were enough to put her back to bed entirely. After some time, she stirred and her heart began to pound, determined to let her rest no longer.

Image: Phoebe lays on her back, her arm thrown over her face. Her gray pajama top is mussed from sleeping. Though her eyes are obscured, she looks discontent. End description.

She sat up and stretched- gently, she caught herself. Even though they’d been rendered useless by her own ability, she didn’t want to tug at Bluebell’s stitches. Checking her phone revealed that she’d slept until mid-afternoon. Part of her wanted to know if anyone had made lunch, but the rest of her wanted to remain cooped up forever. Mostly, Phoebe wanted to knock herself unconscious because she no longer knew who she was. She was always going to go to college, to make her family happy.

Image: A flashback of Phoebe in her old room, before she left for college. She’s visible through a reflection in a mirror. Standing in front of the mirror, Phoebe models her yellow dress, though she seems unsure about it. Behind her are a dresser, a full laundry basket, and some string lights. Taped to one side of the mirror is a childhood photo of her and Nicole as cheerleaders. End description.

“The debt will be worth it,” her aunt had said. “Your mother would be so proud to see you going to a good school.” It was one of the last things her aunt had spoken to her about in person, shortly before boarding a train and leaving Phoebe to live alone after her 18th birthday.



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I'm on spring break now but I've got about as much energy as Phoebe does in that first pic.
Also, despite Phoebe's aunt leaving when she turned 18, she still didn't start putting in college apps until she was 19-20. I suppose she got a part-time job and was somewhat supported by her aunt (more finacially than in person) during those years.