Welcome to the small cabinet of the web that I've crawled into and holed myself up in. I first started using the Internet around the tail-end of the personal website age, but it's something that I'm pretty nostalgic about. I always wanted my own site and now (well, as of 2017) I have one! I use this place to practice my coding skills, showcase things I like, express myself, and get away from social media. I also host some of my art here including my webfiction series Katabasis.

Latest News

Nov 01
Added something new to the Free page.

Jul 15
Added a kin page (really a catchall alterhumanity and furry page) and edited my about page a bit.

Jul 08
Made changes to navigation and CSS. If it works, you'll find that the site should now look better on phones and on different screen sizes overall! It may not work as well on Katabasis pages because I have a larger backend edit planned for them. I thought the left-side nav was a nice, nostalgic look, but top nav should make the site more accessible overall. Also, my button collection and my list of favorite Pokemon have been removed from the main nav and are instead linked on my about page now.

Jul 01
Added two more things to the free page! Backend news: I deleted my Goatcounter account and my site will no longer have analytics. I mainly added analytics because I wanted to see what websites readers were coming from, but in practice I really wasn't getting much useful data. And I figured it would be best to scrap the whole thing. Over time I'll remove the tracking code from individual pages, but my account itself is no longer active and data should be deleted within the week with nothing new being logged.

May 27
Hi hi, long time no update. At least not on the main site lol. I've revamped the Free page so go check it out :^)

Jan 29, 2023
Has it really been that long since I updated...? Anyways, I've added some info about analytics. I also fixed some broken html on a Bunch of pages, mainly missing nav tags on Katabasis pages lmao.

Aug 27
Revamped the gallery!

Aug 10
Updated the buttons on my cool links page. If we're mutuals and I missed you, lmk!

Jul 4
Added to the links page; pet sites I've been playing. I'd like to do more but haven't had the time/energy. I've also updated Katabasis' front page since the last update.

Apr 30
Thanks for 200k views! Wow! I've added a new page: Commissions (because I'm taking comms now.) I know I've gotten a few new mutuals since I last updated my links page, I'll try to get around to that soon.

Mar 11
Added a new essay. Also added a lits of webcomics I read to the Katabasis site.

Mar 07
After a long abscence, the essays page is back! I also updated my about page a little bit.

Feb 19
Katabasis chapter III is here! The cover + pages 1-3 have been added to the site.

Jan 29
Got a domain name! Also: Added the Katabasis Chapter III announcement to the series' front page, and added some more buttons to the buttons page.

Jan 05, 2022
Overhauled the links page. Added a bunch of new links, added new sections, reorganized links into new sections, removed/replaced dead links, and added new mutuals.

Nov 15
Added a new set of images to the Mask Pics page.

Aug 23
Added a new set of images to the Mask Pics page.

Aug 9
Overhauled the Gallery (+ added some new stuff), and added a new page: Mask Pics! I also updated my mutuals, and moved those buttons from my Buttons page to my Cool Links page. Also I added a new banner to the front page in order to help the site look more artsy and professional. I know, the ICONIC "Welcome to my twisted mind" and dancing Blanca gifs are no more... I'll add them to another page at some point.

Jun 22
Thanks for over 100k views!! That's honestly so cool. I added a new wallpaper to the Free page (it's also available on Redbubble!), and I went ahead and deleted the Commissions page because I honestly don't know when or if I'll be offering comms again.

May 15
Thanks for 90k views! Wow!! It's been a while since I updated anything here, but the second chapter of my webfiction series began today. I'd like to make more general site updates over the summer as well, since i'll hopefully have more time.

Jan 01 2021
Thank you for 60k!! I added a Javascript warning (I'll try to find a better fix for this, but it may not be for a few months) and a sitemap. I also changed the background image to something less cluttered, and changed the layout colors to both have more contrast and to be more colorblind-friendly. You might catch me tweaking them throughout the day though ^^;

Sep 19
Thanks for 40k views! I FINALLY updated my gallery, including breaking down and making thumbnails for all the images. Also I separated things into different categories. I think it looks very nice now. And, I did it back in August (I think??) but I edited the layout a bit, so that the nav and the content are right next to each-other & are the same height. Not every page has been updated but... I'll get to it.

Aug 12
Added a new image to the gallery, which is also available as a wallpaper on the Free page. Getting all set up for Othercon this weekend!

Jul 13
Added two new images to the gallery and one new wallpaper to the Free page! I also resized the existing wallpapers so that they actually have standard dimensions now.

Jul 05
Thank you for 30k!!! Changed the site's colors to be a little less Purple, lol. Hopefully it's easier on the eyes too. I also added a new page: Artwork Reposting and Use Guidelines, and added my Pillowfort to the Links page.

Jun 16
Alright, I ended up re-doing the whole site, oops! I think it was time for a revamp though. Now all pages have a navigation bar too! As for other changes, I: Added a specific page for social media links, added some mutual/site buttons to my buttons page, added two new links to the Cool Links page, and added some new art to the gallery.

Jun 13
Katabasis has officially launched! Yay! This is exciting but also kind of scary; if you start reading it, I hope you like it. I've also made some new buttons for the site and added those to my buttons page.

May 28
The Katabasis section of the website is now live! I've been working on this project for a long time and I'm really excited to finally get it under way. In other news, I removed the Face Mask Shops page from the index. Due to COVID, masks are very common in the west right now, and a lot of artists and companies have begun manufacturing them. I feel like they're pretty easy to find now and there are too many new stores to keep track of. Maybe the page will get an update once all of this blows over.

February 26 2020
First off, thank you for 20k views!! This site has been a fun, indulgent project over the last ~3 years so it means a lot to me. Secondly, I finally got around to putting my essays here! They can be found under the personal sector of the site.

December 20
After being in existence for over two years, I finally put a favicon on each page! I also added a lot of new stuff. I re-did the front page (again) because I wanted it to look a little less... hectic. It should look better on mobile now. The buttons and stamps that were at the bottom of the page were moved to their own page, which can be found in the Personal section. I added cute icons to each section too! Speaking of, the Art section isn't just offsite links anymore; I added an on-site gallery and some other pages.

July 13
I have a guestbook now! You can find a button for it in the Personal section :-) I also added something new- "Pick a Color". There are a few pages in there so explore a little. Finally, I added a better list of my favorite things to my About page.

July 09
Long time no see! Things are a little quiet here because I've been focusing on finding a graduate program, Artfight, and watching JJBA. I added a new page under resources- Face Mask Shops! I also spruced up the titles for each page, and all of the images on the Favorite Pokemon page are now hosted here instead of ripped from other sites ^^;