Things I've made that you can use.

2023 Coloring Pages

Three coloring pages that I drew for a Nekocon panel and am releasing here! Designs have a common theme of "things I thought people at an anime convention would like, from someone who can't draw humans."

Each page comes in both a printable .jpg for physical coloring, and a layered .psd for digital coloring! 6 files total.

Pride Fox Phone Wallpapers

A set of phone wallpapers for pride month! Featuring color schemes based on 20+ pride flags, two charismatic fox species, AND a layered .PSD. 70 files total.

You can also find the wallpapers for individual download on my Tumblr.

Fox Phone Wallpaper Base

Color your own phone wallpaper! This download is just the layered .PSD from the pride foxes pack.

Katabasis: Yuli Wallpaper Pack

4 wallpapers featuring Yuli, from my web serial Katabasis. 1 illustration with 4 color variants. Each variant has 16 sizes, for a total of 64 files.

2020-2021 Wallpaper Pack

3 wallpapers from illustrations I made in 2020-2021: "Psychosomatic Redux", "Forest Spirits", and "Modern Forest Spirit"

Each wallpaper has 12 sizes, for a total of 36 files.

Alterhuman + Nonhuman Design Pack

4 designs themed around alterhumanity, nonhumanity, otherkinity, therianthropy, and related identities. Download includes high-res files; these can be made into stickers, shirts, web banners, etc.

I originally designed them for my Redbubble in 2018, but feel that they're a little outdated so I'm releasing them for free.