About Me

Hello, my name is Apex Altra*. You can also call me Fiver or Tamarisk.
I’m a tigrine forest spirit, a lucky rabbit girl, and my fursona is an American mink.

25 | East Coast, US | ♀ (just not always a human one. She/her.)

I’m otherkin, alterhuman, human-and-nonhuman, a spirit-person, a furry, aromantic, medusan, and a selfshipper. When I was a kid I thought I was an alien cat inside a human body; things haven't changed too much. Overall I think I'd look much better without a human face, and because of this I have a long-standing preference for eyewear and masks.

Currently, I’m trying to finish up an M.S. in biology and am a creator on the side. I love drawing monsters and furries, and using art to express identity and explore weird shit. Since 2020 I’ve been steadily serializing my first long-form project, Katabasis.

My favorite...

General Monsters, masks/costumes/fursuits, furry/postfurry, sci-fi, fantasy, anime/manga
Animals Tigers, binturongs, vultures, owls, pterosaurs, rays/skates, whale sharks, cephalopods, leeches
Plants Fairy lanterns (Thismia), sunflowers, moss
Colors Green, pastels, jewel tones
Other 2000s to mid-2010s web, guro, HTML/CSS web design, link hoarding, mythology and folklore, nature, plushies, science, sensory, thrifting.

*Apex was an edgy furry name I came up with circa 2013, derived from “apex predator.” But I don’t really relate to that concept. Nowadays I interpret it from a botanical standpoint, the apices of a plant being where new stems and roots grow from. Altra was added as a surname later. It’s a portmanteau of the Latin roots alter (“other”) and ultra (“beyond”)