A sickly chill ran through her as she walked into the woods. The trees provided enough privacy if she were to get sick but Phoebe was determined to press further, spurred on by her lack of trust in anyone. She couldn’t trust the other passengers, not the train staff, not Quill. She was completely fed up with the whole situation. Phoebe wanted nothing more than to slump down in a secluded area and be left alone.

Image: Phoebe, frowning, is walking through the woods. She is pushing a tree branch out of her way. In the background are more trees and bushes. End description.

She felt a sharp pang below her stomach as she continued breaking through the underbrush and pushing aside branches. Reaching the other edge of the stand, she found a marshy field before her. It stretched on until it hit more stands of trees dotted among the grass. Here and there, Phoebe saw small pools of water. The land quickly became soggy as she walked forward. Earth pushed up against her dainty, school-appropriate shoes which were now caked in mud.

The acrid smell of wetland filled her nose more and more, urging bile forward. But none came. There was no gagging, no heaving.

Finally she knelt on her hands and knees, groaning in discomfort, wanting the illness to be over with so that she could seclude herself further. The question of how she was going to get to Grand Shore afterwards hadn’t crossed her mind at all.

Image: Phoebe is kneeling on the ground. She is hunched over, her eyes are screwed shut, and she is clutching her stomach. Grass rises up over her hand and legs. The woods can be seen in the background, along with the edge of a small pond. End description.



I'm going to admit, Phoebe's current outfit is a lesson on why you need to draw concept art of things before making them canon. Her backpack matched the yellow dress, but the blue? Not so much. And I don't think the blue+pink combo works particularly well with her eyes (even if she's not always going to be carrying a backpack in the future). I like the blue outfit but maybe it should have been a dark purple instead.