“You’d be stupid to try and run,” the man warned, practically reading her next thought. “You think you can open the door with your feet? Plus, the one behind you leads outside, to the middle of nowhere that must be crawling with fae. The door behind me leads to hundreds of innocent people- heaven forbid you accidentally touch somebody. You know what would happen then.”

Sounding almost cheerful, he patted a large trunk and took a golden key out of his pocket, “Your partner is right here. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a feather out of both of you... Phoebe, maybe you weren’t aware- did they tell you how broken your body was before you woke up again?”

Image: A flashback of Phoebe in a wheelchair. She is being wheeled around the courtyard of a hospital by a nurse with a saiga aspect. They are on a path, moving under the shade of a tree. The sky is blue, and in the background is part of one of the hospital buildings. End description.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. There must have been a mistake on the intake paperwork.” The voice of a doctor rang in Phoebe’s head.

There were three locks on the trunk that her captor was fiddling with, but when he inserted the key into the first, the lid swung open immediately. All of the locks had been broken.

Before the door to the car burst open, Phoebe heard the stranger say, “Oh, no. It got out."

Image: Phoebe, shining white due to the Consumption, looks on as her attacker reveals a completely empty trunk. End description.