The morning was bright and blue. A soft guitar intro strummed through the speakers. “Julia, can you go to the next song? This one is so slow.” Cat held back a yawn.

Julia pressed a button on the dashboard a few times until her driving playlist landed on something with a faster beat. “You need more waking up or something? Want to stop for coffee?”

He rubbed his temple. “No thanks, I’m fine.” Then after a moment, he added, “I had the one about Bower’s murder again last night.”

Image: Cat from the shoulders-up, with one hand on the side of his face. He has his eyes closed and is frowning. End description.

“Oof, sorry.”

“Who?” asked Phoebe. Visions or not, his tiredness didn’t surprise her; she hadn’t been sleeping well, either.

“He was that high school teacher in California. You know, the one who got bludgeoned to death about six years ago?”

“Oh, yeah.” Even on the other side of the country, Phoebe had heard the news. She was in high school herself at the time. The murder had been a hot topic among her classmates for a few days. “Whoever did it stole the weapon from a museum, right?”

“The murder weapon was a flanged mace from the 12th century, which was on display at a nearby museum, yes. Forensics was able to make the match. But, see,” Cat turned in his seat to face her, “there were no signs that the museum had been broken into! No evidence that the mace had been removed from its case. No fingerprints or blood.”

Image: A flanged mace propped up diagonally in a museum case. End description.

He waved one of his hands. “The police think the weapon must have been a very convincing forgery, but… I saw it happen. The killer was a fledgling. However they got that mace, their wish had something to do with it- and Bower wasn’t the only victim.”


Glad I was able to get this update out; I was out of town and just came back yesterday, and I move this upcoming weekend @.@ lots going on

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