Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

Image: Julia’s car, a compact SUV, driving through the countryside, entering a more forested stretch of road. The sky is sunny with a few clouds. End description.

“Would it help if I talked to her? I’m technically your boss after all,” Cat offered, momentarily opening his eyes.

“No? That’d make things worse.” Phoebe gave Cat a confused look before turning back to her phone. It had been decided—albeit with hesitation—that she was Quill’s newest member. As long as she was more careful with Silver. Even Asmeret and Bluebell agreed that she could be useful, with Bluebell admitting that she was his favorite patient. It left her feeling nervous but happy. Relieved. She was out of limbo. One of her limbos, at least- she no longer had to worry about attending Stern College for Successful Young Women this semester. Now she was on her way to Grand Shore to pick up the rest of her luggage from the campus. She was in desperate need of more clothes, and her laptop, and, despite Julia’s well-stocked kitchen, she missed her favorite mug.

Unfortunately, not going to Stern’s also meant that she needed to call her aunt and admit that she was quitting.

Image: Phoebe and Cat in the back seat. Phoebe’s ears are droopy and she looks disgruntled. Cat is giving her a smile, though he looks tired. End description.

“It doesn’t matter what anyone says,” Phoebe continued, “she’ll assume I’m a stripper, or that I’m dealing drugs, or getting scammed.”

“Isn’t she in an MLM?” Julia asked from the driver’s seat.

“Last time I talked to her, she was trying her third.” Phoebe leaned towards Yuli in the passenger seat. “What if you pretended to be me and told her?”

“No,” said Yuli. This time, they spoke in Phoebe’s voice instead of Julia’s.

Image: Julia in the driver’s seat, with Yuli in the passenger seat. Phoebe’s hand—holding her phone—is also visible; she’s holding it out to Yuli. Julia is laughing at the exchange. End description.


Phoebe's aunt: Are you a stripper or something!?
Yuli, in Phoebe's voice: Yes.

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