(Chapter IV: Fourteen Wands begins on March 6!)

1. Okay, so if wild fae eat humans but Yuli’s a familiar, what do they eat now?

Image: A three-panel comic. The first panel shows Yuli from the neck-up with a blank expression, saying, “I still eat humans.” In the second panel, they’ve got a big, toothy grin and are saying, “Kidding.” The third panel shows Julia lounging on her bed, with Yuli laying next to her. She says, “Yuli doesn’t have to eat anymore; they get all their energy from our Rise!” End description.

Familiars are fed through the bonds with their witches. I’m being a little vague here because I go more in-depth about this in the upcoming chapter!

2. What’s the history of witchcraft like? How long do the binding rituals date back, and has anyone tried to develop new ones or other types of rituals?

Honestly the history of witchcraft isn’t something I’ve developed. I always imagined that knowledge of binding rituals dated back to the neolithic or even paleolithic era. The rituals are very old. It’s similar to the discovery of fire in that no one really knows when or how it happened; it was probably discovered by different peoples independently, and there are myths in many cultures about it.

People have tried to develop new types of rituals, but none of them have succeeded. Over time there have been more discoveries about how to use the existing rituals, rather than the creation of entirely new ones. Consumptions are especially versatile, since the effect depends on what life forms you’re binding. As we’ve seen Consumptions are deadly on humans but not plants, which continues to impact agriculture (that’s a worldbuilding tidbit I’m not sure I’ll be able to explore much in the actual story, so you can have it here.)

Image: Julia and Cat are looking at a museum display. Behind the glass of the display are two binding hoops: The first is a golden hoop with strands of colorful blue and green rope tied to it, and the second is a piece of wood or a tree branch which has been formed into a circle. Julia is pointing to a placard in front of the display and reading it. End description.


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