Silver turned her arm to admire the bare, untouched skin of its underbelly. Yes- it must be like a fresh dusting of snow that had fallen overnight, and the temptation to run outside and ruin that serenity was undeniable. She’d seen what he could do; the limb was no more than a twig between his claws. With precision he flayed her down to her elbow. Each thin cross-section of skin and fat was visible, parted to reveal the muscles underneath.

Image: A close-up of Phoebe’s injured arm. She has a wide, deep gash, showing blood-smeared muscle. Near her elbow, her anatomy is almost impossible to make out due to the amount of blood. Silver is holding her wrist with one hand, and slicing down with a single claw of his other hand. End description.

Phoebe shivered in spite of the summer heat. Blood poured from her arm. Between that and her midsection, it felt like she was sinking. Drowning in a column of dark water. She couldn’t see, she was so far from the sunlight. But the water supported her. It was warm and inviting and velvety.

Image: Phoebe from the neck-up. She’s looking down with lidded eyes and a blank expression. Darkness is descending from the top of the image, partially obscuring her head. End description.

Image: Phoebe from the neck-up again. She’s much more alert now, with a surprised expression and perked-up ears. Some of the darkness has also lifted. End description.

She gasped—snapping back to life—as she felt another velvety sensation.

Image: Phoebe and Silver from their shoulders-up. Silver is leaning forward, licking the wound. Phoebe is watching him with a comically shocked expression. End description.

Silver's tongue. He’d taken her arm up to his mouth and licked into the delicate machinery within. His tongue dragged along ligaments and muscle, sliding in-between the twin bones before pressing firm against the sensitive nerves of her wrist.



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