Phoebe moved a shaking hand down to meet Silver’s. It brushed against his prickly fur and his smooth, bony claws before she dipped one of her own fingers into her midsection.

Image: A top-down view of Phoebe’s guts. On the left side Silver is reaching into her, and mirroring him, on the right side, Phoebe is cautiously poking her own finger in. Everything is slathered in black blood which is also seeping into her shirt, leaving it covered in dark stains. End description.

Inside she was slimy and hot and her finger skimmed some kind of mucousy lining. She’d felt the sensation before—pressure, touch in places that were never intended to experience it—but she hadn’t been allowed to fully take it in. She hadn’t realized that there was so much to take in beyond the simple life-and-death struggle. Now it was rising all around her.

Image: An semi-abstract, internal view of Silver shoving his hand into Phoebe’s body. Guts catch in-between his claws, being pulled down past a row of muscle and into a dark void. Strange rootlike structures can be seen in the background. End description.

Silver chirped and she responded with a pained groan. His palms pushed into her guts and his claws flexed with each pull back. Stabbing pains came randomly and inaccurately, sometimes acute and other times covering a wide section of gore before fading within seconds. Blood had soaked into her clothes and she hiked the borrowed shirt up further, trying to save it, trying to give him more room. His gaze remained fixed downwards the whole time, entranced by the motions of his own splaying claws.

Then his empty eyes met her own; they fell on her face, her chest, her wrists.

The last spot was the one he found most enticing. He dislodged himself from her torso and grabbed her arm, yanking her up until her guts folded and spilled out over both their laps.

Image: Phoebe reclines, halfway in Silver’s lap as he holds her up by her arm. His other hand is digging into the mess that’s been made of her abdomen. Her shirt is bunched up over her chest, revealing her sports bra which is also beginning to scrunch up. All her clothes are bloodstained, and both her and Silver’s bodies are becoming more bloodied as well. The two lock eyes- Silver is smiling while Phoebe looks nervous. End description.



Been listening to a lot of podcasts at work, including The Silt Verses, and wow?? Highly recommend. I caught up yesterday so luckily I don't have to wait too long for season 3.