Silver groaned, longing to follow the now-expired figure. But the Consumption’s hold on him was firmer now. Attempting to give chase only made him sink to his knees.

He sat before Phoebe and his ears perked up, as though he had momentarily forgotten her and was excited about her sudden appearance. She didn’t try to push herself away when he drew closer.

“You have to get back inside-” her whisper died when Silver pushed her shirt up. He wasn’t going to let her finish. A claw grazed the exposed skin; her nerves burned where he touched, where the blood trickled down, where his fur rubbed against her legs. Her shoulders and back were spasming, begging her to lay her leaded torso back down.

Image: Silver looms over Phoebe. With one bloodied hand, he’s scratching down the length of her scar, causing blood to pool and spill over her stomach. They’re looking at each-other; Silver is smiling but Phoebe looks afraid. End description.

Through it all, the light touches made her shiver. They were gentle and slow in a way that betrayed his true intentions. Of course now he wanted to take his time. His breath was hot and his palms rested firm against her waist, and when his knuckles flexed he dug in between her abdominal muscles. Phoebe didn’t even think he was trying. Her skin must be like warm butter to him, she could feel it push against the hilts of his claws with every rise and fall of her breath. Punctures became tears and- good, the sooner he opened up her scar, the sooner she could coax him inside and fix this.

Then he faltered again, arms giving out for just a moment, and then another. Silver grabbed at her, trying to use her to steady himself but she was too pliable. She slipped right between his fingers and he fell forward, arm plunging straight down into her body.

Image: Silver falls onto Phoebe, his head resting on her chest. She’s looking up slightly with a shocked expression on her face. One of his arms is deep inside her, and the background is split in two. On top, behind them, is the forest. Below where they lie, it shows where Silver’s arm has reached into: a black space where his hand can be seen passing over a strand of energy from the bond. End description.



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