Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

Image: A close-up of one of the black cars parked on the road. Its windows are completely tinted, hiding its occupants. Behind it is the property across from Julia’s house: a plowed field and a line of trees. End description.

Image: A view of the inside of the car. In the driver’s seat sits David Connell, and Colby White is next to him in the passenger seat. End description.

“Phoebe is there too. It’s a den of them,” said Colby White. He sat in the passenger seat of Connell’s rental, watching the men they’d hired flee from the fae that had snuck up on them. “And she’s with that linsang man from when we hunted Vinter,” he continued, drumming his fingers on the armrest.

“Cat Lange. With all of this, we can assume that the Morevnas are once again involved with the Firebird.” Connell turned towards him, the air conditioning catching his mane and making little strands of hair blow around. He grabbed a walkie-talkie and spoke into it: “Bag the girl with the black deer aspect as well. This one can be taken dead or alive. I'll pay double.”

“I’m beginning to get really annoyed that you switched up the methods on me.”

Connell snorted. “Can a hunter not try out new tools? Can an old man not send in his dogs when he feels too tired?”

“I thought I was your hunting dog,” Colby said.

This elicited a laugh from Connell which quickly turned to a pained grunt; he leaned forward, resting a hand on the rib brace wrapped around his torso. Even with his eyes shut, he could tell that his accomplice was peering at him—at the injury he’d sustained jumping out of that damned train—with a mix of pity and disgust.

Image: Connel hunches over, one hand grips the steering wheel while the other clutches his rib brace. His eyes are shut in a pained expression. End description.



I finally made some breakthroughs with my grad research! It's taken long enough!!
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