He weighed nothing to their maw. Yuli tossed him through the air right into a small wetland- a slight incline, but steep enough to fill with water and make a pond. Thirsty cane and shrubs crowded around its banks. He landed with a splash. Seconds later, his partner skidded into the muck beside him.

Image: The mouse-headed man is kneeling in the pond as the pheasant-headed woman and her gun crash into the water. He’s grimacing and clutching his right side, and blood is trickling down his arm. Part of the water is covered by a layer of green algae, and more is smeared on the man’s fur and clothes. Behind them Yuli steps into the pond with Julia on their back, their body partially covered by bushes. End description.

She swore. They were both covered in green scum and trying to regain their footing. The man clutched at his vest–at the injuries hiding underneath–and slogged forward through the calf-deep water. No time to rest. This wasn’t over yet. Yuli was already right behind them.

The woman turned her rifle on Julia and took a shot. She ducked but Yuli had already lept to the side- then they faltered when a second bullet hit their foreleg.

Image: Yuli is rearing up as the pheasant-woman shoots their foreleg, causing blackness to splatter from the wound. She is now covered in algae as well. The mouse-headed man is in the foreground, attempting to run away. End description.

“Shit!" Julia yelled. "You ok?”

“Yes,” they growled, shaking their paw and contorting the bullet out of their body. “Almost there.”

Image: A close-up of Yuli’s injured leg. It is pure black, an extension of their natural markings, and is also being bent in a decidedly unnatural way as the bullet is secreted from their body. Its composition–primarily where the bullet is coming out–is more reminiscent of a viscous liquid than a solid. End description.

The gap between them and the gunmen was closed again in seconds. Yuli kept them moving like a pair of bleating mutton sheep, shepherding them on legs that weren’t quite right. They moved through the foliage as some other creature might swim through water, and even at a trot their enemies couldn’t get away.

Another shot whizzed past, but it missed badly.



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