Teeth became jagged, tails split from one to two to five- and growing, growing. Yuli flowed and cracked into a new size, the transformation slowing to a halt when their shoulders brushed against the roof of the porch. Their claws threatened to snap the planks of wood. A shiny rope of drool fell onto the mouse-headed man’s shoulder.

Against any other opponent his first instinct would’ve been to shoot, but his finger was frozen against the trigger. The only way his body could possibly move was by leaping over the railing and running.

Image: The gunmen run as a giant, shadowy, clawed paw emerges from the shade of the porch. End description.

Yuli jumped down as well and landed beside Julia, snarling. The sudden shift of energy made her weak; their tipping-of-the-scales rendered her unable to stand after a few minutes, but it never stopped being exhilarating. And like they’d done a hundred times before, they lowered their head for her.

“Get them out to the field, to the one we set up there,” she said as she swung her leg over and climbed onto her familiar’s back.

Image: Julia is riding on Yuli’s back. Yuli is much larger now- around the size of a horse. Their neck and legs are elongated, and their teeth are bared. They now have 5 long tails instead of 1. The pair stand in the driveway ready for action. End description.

The gunmen sprinted towards a stand of trees to the West of the house but Yuli flew in, cutting them off and herding them into the back yard. The wind had picked up and the field rustled, harmonizing with the sound of pounding feet. Clouds towered on the horizon. When one tried to break away Yuli extended their neck and snapped their jaws, driving them deeper into the grass.

With a viper-fast strike they grabbed the man with the mouse aspect by his shoulder, teeth puncturing right through his bulletproof vest.

Image: A close-up of Yuli biting down on the mouse-headed man’s shoulder. Their large mouth envelops the whole right side of his chest, and blood is soaking into the shirt under his vest. His eyes are wide in shock and his arms are outstretched as he flails. End description.



Y'all I've been waiting sooo long to showcase more of Yuli's shapeshifting.