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To Phoebe’s surprise, Kirk didn’t complain about the mud or the heat as they walked the singular path through Avernus. His invisibility had stabilized; it wasn’t turning him into swiss cheese anymore, but he still wasn’t saying a word. Not even when he was finally able to take in the lake’s beauty. More clouds were blowing in, divining an August evening storm. They reminded Phoebe of the clouds that stopped up in the mountains most afternoons. When the pair reached the shore, she peeled off her shirt and told him to sit down in the closest aluminum boat before pushing it out into the water.

Image: Phoebe and Kirk are on the shore of the lake. Kirk is sitting in an aluminum boat and Phoebe is standing behind it. She’s changed into a pair of blue shorts, and is wearing her gray pajama crop-top. Hung over her arm is a green t-shirt. In the background is a cypress forest. End description.

Julia had cautiously given her a change of clothes and permission to use the boat. “I know his personality is kinda shitty, but you don’t need to dump him on an island,” she’d said; Phoebe laughed. But she knew Julia had been cautious for another reason- it was bordering on reckless for her to fuck off into the swamp when her bond with Silver was so close to breaking. Letting that happen could irreversibly harm both of them.

But it was something about telling Julia that she was ready to be killed again. Something about Yuli having to leave the garage so she could take their place, about both of them knowing, made her embarrassed.

“What are we even out here for?” Kirk finally spoke as they set a steady course across the lake.

“I haven’t gone diving in weeks. It’s driving me crazy,” she said as she pulled the boat alongside one of the giant cypresses. What happened with Silver didn’t count.



We're back on the water!
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