Cat’s visions ended too abruptly. They always threw Asmeret right back into reality, forcing them to surface with no warning. The familiar smells and sounds of the beach rushed back in. They coughed, shielding their eyes from the now-blinding sunlight filtering into the tent.

“Sorry, she was in that one too,” he said, rubbing his cheek where Anima had touched him.

“Don’t,” they replied. “I don’t mind. I like seeing the animals.”

Cat beamed at them and they smiled back, feeling at ease for the first time that day. The two of them decided that there wasn’t anything else on the meeting docket and set aside their roles as Quill’s co-founders. Asmeret stepped back outside to continue birdwatching while Cat checked his email. White, puffy clouds had begun to build on the far horizon.

After a half hour of casual conversation–mostly him talking while they listened–they heard his voice bristle. Dropping their binoculars, strap pulling against the back of their neck, they turned to look at him.

“Az,” Cat crawled forward and showed them a video on his screen. “This is Kirk’s YouTube. Look at what he uploaded.” Then, he pressed play and Asmeret got goosebumps under the mid-morning sun.

Image: A fake screenshot from YouTube. The video shows Kirk opening the door to his apartment, wearing a brown graphic tee with a gray long-sleeved shirt underneath. Aside from that, he’s invisible. The title of the video is “Fuck you Occult Ontario.” Under the title, it shows that the video has 60,000 views, and was uploaded 4 days ago. It was tagged with “occult ontario”, “paranormal”, and “firebird”. It has 2,400 likes. Kirk’s account name is his real name- Kirk Atwater, and he has 20,000 subscribers. End description.



Hi all, this past week I had some health issues that threw me on my ass (nothing life-threatening thankfully!) I was considering cancelling this week's update but I'm feeling better so here I am.