As always, it wasn’t long before Anima came into view.

Image: Anima is standing on the root-like structure, and like it, she is also completely white. Notably, she has no head. She is wearing a long, short-sleeved dress. In the background are more bioluminescent worms and dots of light. End description.

The figure hung suspended. Her white dress flowed with the water and her toes barely grazed the structure. As they drew nearer, Anima in turn began to walk towards them. Her aspectless form bobbed up and down like a lantern in a dark forest. When the two bodies finally met, Asmeret felt Cat’s mouth curl into an exhausted smile as Anima took one of his hands. Hers were dainty and soft, nails sharp and well-manicured. One time they’d asked what her aspect would be if she had one. Cat had said that there wasn't enough information to make a judgment, but that it might mirror his own.

And yet, though she lacked a head, she spoke.

This time was no different than the others Asmeret had witnessed: Anima’s words were garbled, drowned. They listened as hard as they could. Noises poured forth from the woman, but they could only ever pick up bits and pieces of what she was trying to say.

“Please- mistake- sorry-”

“I’m so sorry.”

She leaned in closer, cupping Cat’s face, pleading. Asmeret felt his throat tighten, but he couldn’t open his mouth no matter how hard he tried. All either of them could ever do was strain their waterlogged ears as the apparition before them wailed on and on.

Image: Cat and Anima are standing in front of each-other, and she is reaching up to hold his face in her hands. Cat is looking down at her with a subdued but upset expression. End description.



Othercon was fun! Can't wait for next year.