“Perhaps it teleports,” Cat said in-between bites. “If it grants wishes then it could teleport.”

“Why did you drag me into this if you think it can teleport? Or what, it’s crawling around on the ground like a newt?”

“I’m not saying anything for certain, just that we need to think outside of the box.”

Asmeret sighed, “I’ve been trying.” Another silence fell around the two of them. The laptop’s fan whirred as Asmeret pressed keys, fiddling with a job script in an attempt to look busy. But they could only manage for so long before sitting up on their knees and leaning forward to zip the entrance of the tent up, shrouding themself and Cat from other beachgoers. They held a hand out to him. “Can I see the ocean? You know.”

Image: Cat and Asmeret are sitting next to each-other inside the tent. Asmeret is looking away from him, and holding their hand out to him. Cat’s mouth is open- he was about to take a bite out of his sandwich before Asmeret stopped him. He’s glancing at them with a look of surprise. End description.

“Of course,” he assured. They closed their eyes and felt his palm slot against theirs. Next: The quick, sharp heat of his tendrils. And then they were both gone.

Image: Cat takes Asmeret’s hand. Glowing yellow-white tendrils spread from his skin to theirs- growing into their fingers and forearm. Both of their eyes are closed peacefully. End description.



I love drawing Cat's little carnivore teeth lol