“Yeah. I’m here.” Kirk’s monotone voice startled her. He shuffled in after the other two men and Phoebe’s eyes widened at the lack of him.

“Right here!” Cat gestured to an empty change of clothes which stood upright on their own. They were accompanied by a pair of oddly-shaped, floating glasses. It was almost like Kirk’s body didn’t exist at all.

Image: Cat is standing next to Kirk in the hallway, triumphantly presenting him. Kirk is wearing a rust-colored sweatshirt and tan pants, with a brown laptop bag and a suitcase. His face and hands can’t be seen at all. Part of the laptop bag’s strap, close to where one of his hands is gripping it, is also invisible. Above his shirt are a pair of glasses. End description.

Image: A close-up of Kirk’s glasses. Their black frame makes two arcs, with the lenses below, as though they’re designed to fit over a snout. End description.

Phoebe heard an exasperated “hello” and leaned over the edge of the couch to get a better look at him.

“I’m invisible around people,” Kirk said, his glasses meeting her stare. Then he added with more force: “And I can’t turn this stupid shit off! Everyone thinks I ran away, or that I’m dead. The only part I can control is my clothes.” He gripped his laptop bag tighter and pressed it against his body. Within seconds, it had also been rendered invisible.

From where it had hung off his shoulder, and the size of his clothes overall, Phoebe could get an idea of his build.

“It’s ok. I’m a fledgling too,” was all she said in return. She wondered what aspect he had.

Cat walked into the kitchen to make lunch while Kirk sat down on the loveseat, as far away as possible from Phoebe and Julia. When their attempts to make conversation failed, Julia unpaused the movie. It was decided that Asmeret could come by to meet him later. He didn’t need to see Yuli yet- and definitely not Silver. Kirk wasn’t keen at all about living with a witch and a fae–a detail Cat had conveniently left out–and put up a stink about it until a fried egg sandwich was placed in front of him.



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