“Wait. How many people have you killed?” How many, before Connell had captured him?

She hadn’t been able to bring herself to ask anyone about the other victims on the train. She didn’t want to know their names or faces; the longer she ignored it the longer she could pretend that she was the only one he’d attacked.

Silver didn’t answer.

“You knew how much you were hurting them. Why would you want to kill someone like that?” This question prompted another laugh from him, as if he were throwing it right back in her face.

As if he were asking, “And why would you want me to kill you?”

Image: A close up of Phoebe and Silver’s faces. Phoebe is yelling at him, and Silver is laughing. There is more blood on Silver’s fur, notably on his neck, from where Phoebe was petting him. End description.

Phoebe stood up. She grabbed an oil-stained towel from the shelf and started wiping her hands clean. Silver pulled at the vines.

“Fuck no, I’ll let you out when I start getting sick.” Whatever that meant. Would it come on fast, or creep in slowly like one of her childhood illnesses?

The blood wasn’t coming off. As she continued toweling her hands, she made a beeline towards the kitchen in search of floral-smelling soap and water. Silver’s fur caught her eye one more time; she almost expected him to be right there when she turned around. Ready to pounce. But he hadn’t moved.

“Julia just dumps the meat out and leaves.” Yuli said.

Image: Phoebe from the chest-down toweling off her hands. She’s standing with her back to Yuli, who’s looking up at her and smiling. End description.

Phoebe spied two plastic bowls laying next to the mattress. The whole time, she hadn’t noticed them at all.

Image: A close up of the two dishes by the mattress. One is cream, and the other is blue with some smears of blood inside. Vines trail around them. End description.



I've gotten back into playing virtual pet sites. I wanted to play Neopets again, but the site/brand has been mismanaged so badly, I don't know how I feel about it right now lol. So I've been having fun on Subeta and The Final Outpost! My username on both is cynocephaly. If you have an account feel free to say hi or something.