“You’re kidding, who?” Julia said.

“Not who, what! It’s a website called Occult Ontario. They have a few social accounts too,” Cat said. He unlocked his phone and she walked over, leaning in to get a better look.

“They seem like the, well, the kiddy ghost-hunting type of group,” he continued, free hand grabbing the doorknob to his study. “The kind that runs amok in abandoned buildings and puts footage up online. In fact, that’s exactly what I heard: A woman said to me, ‘We need the next video for Occult Ontario edited by Saturday.’”

Image: Cat and Julia are standing in front of the door to the study, which Cat has partially opened. They’re both looking down at his phone, which he’s holding up to show her. End description.

“So one of the members is a fledgling?” she asked.

Cat flicked his thumb over the screen, scrolling down a list of videos. “Almost certainly. Which is why we have to act fast. They could have already posted proof, there’s… a chance that Connell’s found them, if that’s the case.” His ears drooped. “But after all these years, it actually happened. Someone appears that I don’t have to spend months tracking down.”

With that, he disappeared into the study, careful to not step on the binding hoop as Julia wound it back up.



Next week is the last week of the semester for me, so I’ve been a little busy trying to finish stuff up. The past 2 weeks I’ve been writing an essay on dates (the fruit) and every time I work on it, I’m compelled to go grab some from the pantry. They’re really good.

The date palm belongs to the genus Phoenix, actually. Both it and the bird derive their names from the same root.