“Is there a way to re-energize it or something? How much time do I have?” Phoebe asked.

“It’s just a guess, but things might reverse once he’s back in your body. That could ‘trick’ the bond into thinking it’s a normal Consumption. Looked like you’ve got about a week.”

Image: Julia stands with a worried expression on her face. She’s rubbing her neck with one hand, and glancing back towards the door to the garage which is partially cloaked in shadow. End description.

Phoebe sucked in a breath, her ears flattening. She was stuck with Silver- he would follow her through college, through life, resting in the dark, impossible spaces between her ribs. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe he wouldn’t wake up as long as she kept her torso safe from injury, but one mistake, one accident…

“I know. You don’t deserve this shit,” Julia said.

“He didn’t have a feather,” was all she could say in return.

Julia hummed. “Yeah. Wasn’t expecting that either.”

Phoebe was about to ask her why Yuli did, when they both heard a loud THUMP from upstairs. The house was silent for a few moments before the sound of creaking echoed through the ceiling and down the stairs as someone drew closer. Nearly tripping over himself, Cat skidded into the kitchen.

Image: Cat stands at the threshold between the hallway and the kitchen, an excited, happy expression on his face. He is wearing a navy blue button-up with a pattern of green leaves on it, and dark blue slacks. In the foreground, part of the pantry and the potted plant on top of it are visible. End description.

“I had a vision,” his voice was breathy, “I heard a name.”



Yay, Cat is here. His shirt this chapter is based on one that I actually own. I enjoy basing my characters’ sense of style off of mine. Asmeret shares my love of cardigans, for example, and I gave Cat my affinity for button ups with fun patterns.