The single claw parted her skin as it emerged. Like a pair of scissors sailing along a sheet of gift wrap, it slashed down and finished the task of reopening Phoebe’s wound.

Silver poked his head out of the opening. The rope, grab the rope. That was the plan. Gator-wrestle him down and tie him up while he was still slipping out of her. But Phoebe’s hands were shaking, and all she could do was take in the sensation of his fur sliding against her insides.

Image: Silver is exiting Phoebe’s body. His lower half is still inside of her, and parts of his torso are smeared with her blood. Phoebe is shaking visibly. End description.

She jumped up and separated their bodies in a swift motion. Leaving him trapped here was a cowardly thing to do. But she knew in her heart that she wouldn’t be able to kill him. She knew that she didn’t want to kill him, either. He was terrible, deadly, but he had an aspect just like she did. Her plan would be better for both of them. By the time Quill realized what had happened, she’d be on a bus to Stern’s.

He rose to his feet and looked around, hackles raised, tense and primed to bolt. She’d released him in the heart of a fae’s territory. The whole place stunk with Yuli’s scent. But Phoebe had watched them retire to Julia’s bedroom after the party, and had a feeling that they wouldn't be outside tonight. After thoroughly sniffing the air, Silver confirmed that Yuli was, for now, far away. He turned his attention to other matters. She said nothing as their eyes met, his grotesque aspect level with hers. Her heartbeat quickened as his ears perked up. Even though his tail was still sorely broken, she watched it flick erratically.

With a start she tried to grab part of the rope- but he was faster. He snatched it off the ground and she braced herself for a slash across the face; after a moment she looked up to see him with the rope in his hands. Its fibers snapped like sinew as he pulled it apart in front of her. The moon made his fur shine, bright and argent.

Image: A close-up of Silver’s face, looking directly forward. Shadows and moonlight contrast on his fur. Behind him is part of a cypress, and the lake. End description.

Image: A similar close-up of Phoebe’s face, also looking forward. Her eyes are wide. Behind her is the other side of the lake. End description.

It didn’t matter. Boat. She had to hold her organs in and run to the boat now if she had any chance of escaping.



Survived comps, for the time being at least. Now I'm on a little vacation; we went to a nature reserve to see bears, and indeed did see bears. They're very cute in person (when you're in a car a responsible distance away)