After lawn chairs had been dragged out and set up around the bonfire, everyone picked their seat and continued chatting over the crackle of flames, roasting fish and other foods. Phoebe found herself next to Bluebell and Isra, who was silent until he started talking to her about fae medicine.

Image: Isra, Bluebell, and Phoebe are sitting in a row. Isra and Bluebell are looking at each-other; Isra is motioning as she explains something to him, while Bluebell is holding a bottle of beer. Phoebe is looking over at both of them. She is sitting with her legs crossed and her hands in her lap. End description.

“Hey,” Julia waved a flaming marshmallow in Phoebe’s direction, “tomorrow I need to give you a reading. I have a hunch about what happened with that binding ritual. Bluebell you should examine her too; I can’t do any of the doctor-y stuff.”

“I guess,” he rubbed the scales on his head, “I’ve only ever practiced abdominal surgery on cadavers, though.”

Before Phoebe was able to protest, Yuli appeared at the treeline and Julia made great fanfare welcoming the birthday fox. She got up from her seat and walked over to them, handing them a fat bag of grapes before cupping their face in her hands. They fox-grinned as her thumbs smoothed across their fur. When she was done, Yuli sat up on their haunches and pulled the bag towards them, carefully plucking fruit out of it with hands that were suddenly disturbingly human. Their tail wagged as each grape splatted between jagged teeth.

Image: Yuli is smiling with a wide, toothy grin that contorts their face. Their teeth are sharp and jutting out at the front, their pitch black eyes are squinted, and their ears are pulled flat against their head. Their paws have been replaced by gnarled, clawed hands. In one hand they’re holding a grape, and in the other they’re clutching the clear bag. End description.

“Beer?” Bluebell offered a bottle to Phoebe.

“Oh no, I uh-”

“Yeah, how old are you?” Julia asked. “You’re about to start college, 18?”

“20. So, not old enough to drink.”

“If you still wanna have some it’s fine! I’m an adult and I’m giving you permission,” she said.

“That’s not how it works,” Cat laughed. “Pass me another, though. I really need it.”



Fun fact that I forgot to mention last time: Silver is named after the slivercat, a fearsome critter from American folklore. His design is also partially based off of it, too.

Also, because I definitely keep forgetting to mention it, I'm going to be an artist at Othercon again this year! I had a blast last year so I'm really excited. If you're attending feel free to say hi!