“Yes,” Yuli added, “this was where we found it, and I chased it back to the trunk.”

“And Connell?”

They meandered their way through a few more cars until the fae stopped again. “He got on here, didn’t go up any further.”

Image: The group walks through a car, with Apricot riding on Yuli’s back. End description.

The only option now was to investigate the scene where the last murder took place. When they walked into the driver’s compartment, they were met with more blood smeared on the dashboard, trailing to the floor. It was splattered across the walls and sun-dried around a series of cracks in the windshield, the shape of which made Isra shiver.

Image: The dashboard in the driver’s compartment, with the windshield behind it. The dash is full of different buttons, levers, and screens, many of which are covered in blood. One of the screens is cracked. The large crack--along with a bloody handprint--in the windshield makes it look like someone was slammed into it. End description.

Apricot perched on the control panel, looking at her. “The smell is different.”

“Don’t tell me.” A grim look flashed across Isra’s face. “If the witch and the monster weren’t here…”