“And look at this,” Isra said, “the key is on the floor, did he not notice it’d gotten out?”

“Phoebe says the trunk was closed when she got to the car.”

“So it false-locked the trunk after it escaped?” They exchanged a look. Nothing but dust and silence hung in the air between them.

Apricot followed the monster’s scent up the car and straight into the roof access hatch, with Yuli close behind. They pointed their muzzle towards the ceiling, and in an instant they were gone. Julia could hear the sound of clambering coming from above her as an indication of where the two fae were.

A few seconds later, they poked their head back out. “It went through here.”

Image: Yuli’s head and neck are sticking out of the access hatch, illuminated by a flashlight. They are looking down with big, black eyes. The inside of the hatch is cloaked in darkness. End description.

“What the hell, why?” Julia ran a hand through her feathers.

“Can y’all keep following it?” Isra asked. “The report says the attacks took place a few cars ahead.”

Yuli disappeared again.



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