Isra nodded. “It’d be easier to sniff out how many people were in this car first.” She petted the pigeon, who gently pecked at her clawed glove in return. It was not outlandish for people--especially therians like Isra--to wear accessories which matched their aspects, though the leathery, wing-shaped cape which fell across her back was bolder than most. The gloves it was attached to completed the effect. “Alright Apricot, babe, do your thing.”

Image: Apricot flies off Isra’s shoulder, her wings outstretched and her orange feet tucked under her. Isra is looking at her and smiling. Both are facing ¾ towards the viewer. End description.

Apricot stretched her wings and flew to each marker. When she reached the trunk, she circled it before landing and hopping in. Yuli trotted over and they chattered amongst themselves.

Image: Yuli is crouched on top of the trunk, looking down at Apricot who’s inside. On the floor in front of the trunk is a golden key. End description.

“There were two,” Apricot cooed. “One was inside.” Her pitch and timbre changed with every word, a choir of stolen voices.

“The cat,” Yuli remarked at the all-too-familiar scent.

“Bluebell did mention something Phoebe said, about Connell smuggling the monster on board. The other person was probably him,” Julia said. She walked up to the trunk and examined it. “He didn’t do a good enough job though, look,” she pointed at the broken locks.



Yes Isra is a bat therian. For the unaware, "therian" isn't Katabasis-specific. It can be defined as: "Therians are individuals who identify as an animal that is known to exist (or to have existed) on Earth. Sometimes, more 'feral' creatures that are not known to exist are included as well, such as dragons, griffons, and sea serpents. The exact definition of therianthropy varies significantly ... common explanations include reincarnation, conditioning, atypical neurology, and atypical psychology." (From AnOther Wiki)

In other news, today was nice. My roommates and I went to a few furniture stores to (mainly) look for a new couch for our new apartment. We're moving this upcoming Thursday! We were actually supposed to start moving today, but the date got pushed back. One of the places had a big antique chest which made me feel like I should have drawn this one bigger, lol.