“Well, we all do dumb shit sometimes! Better you than anyone else I guess.” Julia hummed. “That was pretty stupid though. The weather looked awful.”

“He showed you?”

“Look. He just comes bursting into my room to show me those weird visions. I had to stop sleeping in my underwear,” she laughed.

And, for the first time since she left home, Phoebe laughed too.

Image: Phoebe, visible from the chest up, has a big, bashful smile. Her ears are pulled back slightly as she laughs. Behind her is the sunny blue sky, and rays of light hit her face. End description.

“So you and him aren’t...”

“Together? Nah. I’m aromantic, y’know? But Cat isn’t a bad roommate. He can cook, I can drive, we get along.”

“A romantic?” She didn’t quite know.

“No no, aromantic. ‘A’ like ‘not’. Me and Yuli are together but our relationship isn't romantic.”

The conversation meandered until the sun was high in the sky and Julia was telling Phoebe how to make a binding hoop out of the native cane. The heat was beginning to bake them in the aluminum boat, even to the point where Julia confessed that she’d rather do Society paperwork indoors. It wasn’t long after that she used Phoebe’s growling stomach as an excuse to turn the motor on and drive them to shore for lunch.



I'm back, with a tan! Sorry there wasn't an update Wed, we were supposed to have internet but ended up not.

I know I can't be the only aro person who's gotten the aromantic-vs-a-romantic confusion from others before. But Phoebe's trying her best.