“How deep is the lake?” Phoebe asked as Julia put another fish in the cooler. She peered up at the sturdy-looking cypress.

“The deepest part is about 16 feet, give or take. It’s probably that deep out here.”

“Really?” Phoebe’s face lit up. “Do you ever climb the trees?”

“Of course, climbed one last week. They’re fucking massive. You’ll have to look under the water sometime.”

“You ever jumped?”

“Yeah, my parents would get so mad at me for it. Why?”

Phoebe hesitated. “I dive, off cliffs. It’s a hobby.”

“You cliff dive? Wait, that’s what Cat’s vision was about?”

“Told you I wasn’t trying to die. I thought it might be exciting, during a storm. I don’t remember what happened.” She frowned. “I was just being stupid.”

Image: A flashback to Phoebe standing on the cliff during the storm. She is wearing a sporty black and blue swimsuit, with a tank-top style top and swim trunks. Big, dark thunderclouds loom behind her and the sea is whipped up. She is bracing herself against the wind, with one arm raised to shield her face. End description.

The voice of Connell--or the man she thought was Connell--rang in her head: Phoebe, maybe you weren’t aware- did they tell you how broken your body was before you woke up again?



Next week I'm travelling to the mountains because a friend of mine rented a cabin for a few days, I'm looking forward to it! It has internet access but there's still a chance that I may not be able to update- I'll try to keep you guys informed of any delays.

Later tonight I'm making mulled wine for a housewarmig/birthday party. I know it's a winter thing but I'm excited to try it.