Julia made a big show of it when she got a bite. She waved the perch in Phoebe’s face. “Yuli will love this one.”

Image: Julia and Phoebe are facing each-other in the boat. Julia is smiling at Phoebe and holding up a fishing line with a yellow perch dangling from it. Phoebe is leaning back slightly. The sun has risen and the blue sky is dotted with a few small clouds. End description.

“I thought fae couldn’t eat human food?” Phoebe asked.

“They just can’t taste it, and it’s pretty useless to ‘em. But Yuli likes how all the little fish bones feel in their mouth.”

Phoebe was suddenly all too aware that she didn’t know where Yuli was. Julia assured her that they were just out being a fox, wandering around Avernus and doing fae things- fae things that weren’t hunting.

Image: Yuli is sitting on the shore of the lake with their back turned to the viewer, looking out at the water. Around them are cypress trees and grasses growing out of the mud. The forest shades them and casts green reflections on the water in front of them. End description.

With the sun beating down on her and nothing to focus on but the monotony of fishing, Phoebe closed her eyes and breathed. She wondered why such a friendly woman would choose to take part in a Rise and live in a swamp. She thought about teeth sinking into her shoulder, and what she should do about the monster if Quill was hesitant. She fantasized about what she’d do if it broke through the healed scar, how she might escape, and how she’d just… come back if she couldn’t.



tbh I think that picture of Yuli is one of my favorites that I've drawn for this chapter so far. The atmosphere looks so serene.

Also, I should have mentioned this earlier, but I'm going to be an artist at Othercon again this year! I've already posted one of the pieces that I plan on submitting to the art show here.