Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

Cars were as uncommon by the coast as they were in the mountains where Phoebe had grown up, and as such, the garage was both a surprise to her and a rarity in its own right. Julia’s car was parked in the center. In front of it, a row of metal shelves was filled to the brim with boxes, gardening tools, paint cans, a length of chain, and more. Further odds and ends were littered around the rest of the garage, including more boxes, a wheelbarrow, and a lawnmower.

Julia grabbed two fishing poles from among the clutter. Then she clicked a remote and the garage door rose up with a loud, mechanical noise.

Image: Julia and Phoebe are standing in the garage. They are facing towards the outside, and are covered in shadow from the shoulders-up as the door continues to open. Behind them, most of the garage can be seen. End description.

“Sorry,” she said when Phoebe covered her ears, “It’s kinda loud. Here-” she tossed her a fishing pole before grabbing a cooler and walking outside. When Phoebe followed her into the faint morning light, she was met with an unkempt front yard which extended to a gravel road. A mailbox with MOREVNA painted on it sat where the two met. She was led around the side of the house, and swaths of grass grew taller until they stretched out into a field. Julia, swinging her fishing pole over her shoulder, walked down what looked more like a game trail than an actual path.

Image: A view of Julia’s house from the outside. It is two stories, with medium brown paneling and a dark brown roof. The second story is a little smaller than the first, and doesn’t extend over the whole house. A covered porch spans the front, with a pathway and stairs leading to it. A driveway leads to the garage. A patchwork of different grasses, some fairly tall, make up both the front and back yards. End description.

“Can’t believe it might be Connell,” she said. “He was Uncle Dave to me. He married a fledgling for fuck’s sake.”



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