She was about to question him when Julia made her way downstairs. “Oh, hey! Phoebe, right?” She eyed the pile of dishes. “Glad to see you’re up.”

“She says Connell might be the fledgling killer.”

Phoebe dropped her fork.

“Connell?” Julia asked, “Sounds familiar.”

“He funded Dr. Morevna’s research! He was instrumental in-”

“Oh no, Dad’s friend. I haven’t seen him since I was a little kid. Damn...”

Image: Julia stands by the table next to Cat. She’s holding up a piece of bacon and has a worried look on her face. Cat is slouching, resting his head on one of his hands and looking up at her. More of the living room can be seen behind him. End description.

“The what?” Phoebe interrupted.

“Sorry, I got ahead of myself,” Cat said. “When Az and I first started working together, we noticed an unsettling pattern. A lot of people who openly claimed to be fledglings, and all of the ones we suspected to be telling the truth, have disappeared. We think the man who attacked you is the culprit, and that he’s murdered 10 others. Actually,” he continued, “if he was able to know you were a fledgling before you did, then that number is probably higher. He has some way to get information.”



Bombshell time. Haha you think I'd make Katabasis and not include at least one serial killer? :)
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