The food helped keep the memories at bay, but chewing only distracted her for so long. Eventually they began to rush in again. Phoebe poked at a piece of bacon, wondering how closely it resembled her own insides. “It’s weird to have two quakes so close to each other,” she broke the silence.

“The train didn’t get hit by a quake. Apparently there was no seismic activity registered. It’s possible that it was related to, well, you got involved in a lot of shit. I’m sorry.”

Image: A flashback to when the wildebeest-headed man grabbed Phoebe’s wrist on the train, seen from a different angle. Both figures are visible this time. Phoebe is closest to the viewer and seen from a ¾ view from behind. Her attacker is standing in front of her, closer to the door of the train car. End description.

Phoebe rested her head on her hand. “That man said he wanted feathers from us, but I don’t even have one.”

“Oh, you do! The feather that gives you your immortality is inside your body. That’s how it is with all fledglings. If he knows that, it means that he’s read more than just the fairy tales. But why he’d want feathers is another question; they lose their power once they’re removed from a host.” Cat’s fingers danced back and forth across the keyboard. “You said he wanted feathers from ‘us’?”

Image: The same image, but everything is black and only the silhouettes of Phoebe and her attacker are visible, outlined in grey. Inside Phoebe’s silhouette is a white feather, which has white root-like structures coming out of it. These structures are reaching to different parts of her body. End description.

“I think he meant me and that fae.”

“Julia says it’s no fae. Something about the smell, and the way its body works- Wait.” She saw his eyes glimmer. “If he wanted it, that means it might be another fledgling- that’s incredible! Except,” he scratched at the fur on his cheek, “I wonder how we’ll handle a fledgling that’s killed people. Az already wants it dead.”



I repotted my pineapple and cut off all the yellow leaves. There's still some green, so let's hope it survives? In other news, I got to watch a prescribed burn yesterday. It was really cool! Much of my research has been focused around a fire-adapted ecosystem, but I'd never actually seen a burn before. I can check it off my bucket list.