Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

“Good morning,” greeted Cat. He had been attending to a kettle when Phoebe walked into the kitchen. His ear twitched in her direction. “Isn’t it annoying when you get woken up by a quake?”

Image: Phoebe is peeking into the kitchen from a hallway. Cat is standing by the stove and smiling at her while holding an electric kettle. He is wearing a rust-colored button up shirt with a pattern of skinks and mushrooms on it, along with a bow tie. There are green cabinets above the countertop, and a green pantry with a pothos plant on top of it. The dining room can be seen in the background, consisting of a table and chairs. End description.

Phoebe couldn’t bring herself to speak, but her stomach took the liberty of answering for her.

“That’s right, you must be starving. You’ve been out since yesterday. Vegetarian? No?” He opened up the fridge and pulled out some eggs and bacon, then grabbed a large pan and flicked on the stovetop burner. Phoebe wanted to eat a whole carton of eggs, though she stayed tucked near the wall.

“If you want anything, you’ll probably have to stop staring at me like a deer in the headlights- forgive the pun. Unless you eat your breakfast standing up.”

Phoebe held her hand, thumbing over the places where his tendrils had slithered into her skin.

“Okay, I do apologize for that. Forgive my eagerness. It was just the quickest way to demonstrate how real the Firebird’s powers are. Speaking of, if you could tell me everything that happened...”

Image: Cat glances upwards with a bashful look on this face. Behind him are two cabinets with a window between them, and some decorative branches with coral flowers. End description.



I mentioned it on Twitter a while back, but I've been using Homestyler for 3D models and it's saved my life.