Although it was slowing down considerably, it still put up a fight. It continued to swing at Yuli with its claws and barbed tail. The monster knew, either through knowledge or instinct, what it was up against. But it refused to be cornered. Through their pursuit the creatures slowly drew nearer to the others. With every leap into the marshy expanse, the monster turned and took two more towards the woods- and Phoebe.

When escape was almost close enough to taste, Yuli grabbed its tail in their jaws. There was the crunch of bone breaking as they clamped down. With a swift tug they pulled it off its feet, and it fell to the ground with a stifled yell. It breathed hard, hackles raised, growling at Yuli who stood guard over it with their paw pressed down on its neck.

Image: The monster is laying in the mud and grass on its stomach. It is being held still by Yuli, whose paw is the only visible part of them. Their paw has transformed into long, black claws and is pressing down on the monster’s head. End description.

“Great job! You alright?” Julia asked as she ran over.

Yuli nodded with a triumphant, toothy grin.

Julia looked the monster over, pulling both of its massive paws forward and restraining them with her own hands. It growled the deep, ashamed growl of a captured beast but did not protest.

“Were you really hiding in her?” Julia spoke to it as though the metal bars of a cage separated them, “If it’s true, I’ll have seen everything. Now we just have to figure out what to do with you- Wait, my binding hoop is still in my luggage…”



Hello, we have an update! Election season is (hopefully) over, I'm 24 now, and I have a new car. My health has also improved. Behind the scenes, I've been working on the cast page and the written portion of chapter II. You can look forward to the former soon!

Archive of the 10/31 update:

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