Despite one of her hands being crushed, she still tried to turn over and push herself to her feet. But she stopped- out of the corner of her eye, for just a second, she saw a large shadow. A flash of movement closing in. With a rush of wind and weight, the monster had disappeared from Phoebe’s view entirely. Her ears swiveled in the direction of a soft thump. She turned her head to see that it had been bodied off of her and sent skidding across the field by Yuli.

Image: A large black shadow lunges over Phoebe, taking the monster with it. The back of Phoebe’s head is visible in the foreground and she looks surprised. End description.

With no passengers in sight, Yuli was free to shed their wolfhound disguise and move about in the form of a great fox. And move they did. They wasted no time, bearing down with force. This wasn’t a chase, and they were no longer confined to the corridors of the train. They leapt at their downed target. Stunned, the monster struggled to stand and let out a warning growl. It swiped at Yuli who barked as claws met skin. Then it wrapped its paws around their neck in an attempt to bring them down, pull them close to its jaws. Fae are not easily captured by beasts, however, and in an instant Yuli had wriggled free as though they were made of water.

Image: The feline monster is on its back, arms and legs kicking into the air as Yuli pounces on it. Yuli has two tails. Both have their ears pulled back and teeth bared. The grass in the field is getting longer, partially covering the monster’s body. End description.

“Get ‘em!” Phoebe heard Julia’s voice call out in the distance. Following in Yuli’s haste the other members of Quill were rushing out of the woods towards her. She was suddenly surrounded by four figures, though Cat and Asmeret both stepped back when they saw the state she was in. Medical jargon tumbled out of Bluebell’s mouth as he examined her, frantically speaking to Julia about packing a wound this deep and the likelihood of infection.

“That thing came out of me. It was inside me,” Phoebe said, “If you stick your arm in, see-”

“No no you don’t have to do that,” Bluebell swiped her hand away from the gash. “You’re in shock, stay still.”



I think if I could have anything right now it'd be "the ability to look like a well-adjusted person in front of my roommates". My anxiety and other issues have really been getting the better of me, and I hope I can start keeping it under wraps again soon.

In other news, I was getting some art opinions from CK and she told me to make this meme.