“That was just from a few months ago,” she said, “how did you know it was me.”

“Easy. I only get that type of vision from other fledglings, and visions from a fledgling stop when they die. That jump certainly killed you but I’ve seen it multiple times now. It feels like I’m dying at least.” Cat added the last part with a mumble. “So I figured that whoever it belonged to had some sort of regenerative ability.”

“But you didn’t stop me from being attacked?” Phoebe asked.

Image: Cat looks off to the side, a slightly annoyed smile on his face. He’s holding up one of his hands as he explains. End description.

“If I could just know everything, I’d love it.” There was a tinge of irritation in his voice. “But I was vague with my wish so that’s not how the visions work. I only get bits and pieces of people’s pasts. Sometimes other stuff. It’s all from their point of view- I never see their faces, so it’s hard to identify them. The only reason we’re here now is because Julia and Yuli happened to be on the same train as you.”



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