In an instant she’d been returned to reality. Reflexively she jerked her arm away from the glowing tendrils, only to find that there were none in sight. They had already slipped out of her skin, leaving not a single mark behind.

Phoebe clutched her hand to her chest.

Image: Phoebe is holding her hand to her chest and looking away. She is frowning and her shoulders are hunched. End description.

“That should be a good place to stop,” she heard Cat’s voice, “I wouldn’t want you to actually experience dying again.”

“How did you- that was my…”

“Your past, my vision. That’s what my wish gave me. They happen when I sleep, so they’re kind of like dreams. Being able to share them with others is a secondary effect.”

Phoebe had never remembered anything so vividly. It was clear that Cat hadn’t summoned one of her memories, he had instead shown her his own vision of her past. Her frown grew. Of all the things he could have seen, it had to be the moment where she made an incredibly stupid descision.



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