Image: Phoebe’s hand recoils as long tendrils grow into her. One of the tendrils is wrapped around her wrist, two others are sinking into her skin. A sprout emerges from one of her own fingers. End description.

Immediately upon touching it, the stalk lunged at her like a viper. It grew and coiled, splitting into tendrils, quickly following her hand as she pulled back. The tendrils slithered through her fingers and into her skin. Phoebe gave a breathless scream but barely had time to react before the world disappeared in a flash.

When she opened her eyes, Phoebe had been transported somewhere else. Her vision was blurry and fuzzy along every edge. But she was able to make out a familiar scene. She was standing near the edge of a cliff, looking out at a grey ocean. Clouds churned overhead. The weather was warm, but a stormy sea breeze blew against her; Phoebe could feel that she was only wearing a swimsuit. Goosebumps rose on her bare skin.

She tried to turn her head but found that she had no control over this body. She couldn’t move it, even though she was sure that it was hers. After all, it was her who had been standing on this exact cliff two months ago.

Image: A cliff looking out over a stormy sea. Intimidating thunderclouds loom overhead, and the water below is choppy. The lines of the image are blurry. End description.

Her body began to walk forward and her awareness had no choice but to move with it. Thunder crashed overhead. She moved to the edge of the cliff and folded her arms, peering down. The storm winds had whipped the sea up into a frenzy.

Then, she stretched, skillfully raising her arms up to the gray sky in a diving position. The only thing left to do was jump.



I re-wrote this scene sooo many times, it took forever for me to tweak Cat's ability until I was happy with it. I think I found something nice and weird (although of course, not everything has been revealed yet ;) )

In other news, the weather has been absolutely amazing lately. I've been keeping my window open the past few days. The transition from summer to fall always makes me happy and restless; gives me those not-human feelings. I wish I was a fae so that I could run around outside as an animal.