Phoebe had only seen pictures of wild fae before. They were the kind people passed around on horror websites, and they came in two main varieties: photographs snapped from a distance, and photographs taken far, far too close. Phoebe always wondered how many were real. It seemed impossible for them to be so common; after all, she’d always heard that if you can see a fae then it sure as hell sees you.

Image: A forest at night. The image appears to be from a trail cam, as everything is colored in shades of pale green and there is a high amount of contrast. The two trees in front are almost white, but behind them the scene fades quickly into darkness. There is a grainy filter over the image. In the background, one can barely make out a pair of glowing eyes. End description.

In the guise of a panting dog, Yuli didn’t seem half as dangerous as some of those photo-manipulated animals or the monster that attacked her, but that didn’t stop the thousands of years of evolution screaming at her to run.

“I’m Phoebe,” she said, not running. She did, however, take a few steps back from the pair.

“I’m Cat,” a young man butted in. As Phoebe retreated, he stepped towards her, until he was enthusiastically shaking her hand.

Image: Cat approaches Phoebe. He holds his hand out and cranes his long neck towards her, smiling. Phoebe has a neutral expression on her face but is leaning back and holding her hand close to her body. End description.

“You can call me Asmeret,” the last figure shook Phoebe’s hand as well, “You’ve already met Bluebell. The four of us are members of an organization called Quill, we’re looking into events surrounding the Firebird and its fledglings.”



The filter that I used for the trail cam image is from Serge on Flickr.

I decided to make some banners for the site! I added one as a header to the homepage, and made a few smaller ones that I added to the About page. Here is the full-size image that I drew for the header. A sign of things to come, perhaps.