A shiver ran through Phoebe and she rummaged through her backpack for a change of clothes, pulling out a new set of underwear and a blue, two-piece outfit. The tag was still freshly attached to the top. An image of her old, ruined dress materialized in her mind. The sunshine yellow fabric must be crumpled on some floor now, torn and stained with blood. Suddenly she felt much cleaner without it in her possession.

Image: Phoebe’s hands clutch the top piece of the outfit. End description.

Phoebe’s attention shifted to her bandaged torso. She lightly ran her fingers over the bandages, expecting the wound below to hurt, but her skin simply responded to the touch with tingling numbness. Under those dressings was the only proof her body had that last night really happened. With a nervous curiosity, she began to undo them.

Image: Phoebe sits on the bed, visible from her shoulders to her thighs. She is holding the blue clothes over her lap. End description.



We have gallinippers where I do my research, and I hope they go away soon. I've never seen mosquitoes that big and they freak me out!