“I died and then I- I came back?”

He nodded.

Phoebe sat up and peered out the window. Many of the passengers and staff were hunkered down inside, wary of fae lurking in the wilderness. Others were outside, sitting under the shade of trees or milling around in the fresh air. Many were on their phones discussing the events of the night before. Some were crying, some were quietly talking about how scary it was but that they needed to be in Grand Shore by 9am sharp and now everything was ruined.

Image: A view outside Phoebe’s window. Multiple passengers can be seen, including the coyote man from before talking on his phone. Two passengers in the background share an embrace. They’re close to a stand of trees, and beyond that is more field. End description.

“Train derailed,” Bluebell said, “Small quake, maybe, but nobody’s really sure.”

“That man,” Phoebe started, “Did he do all of this? There was a man with the aspect of a wildebeest, and he used a Consumption ritual on me. He brought that fae onto the train, I saw it, and he wanted to bind me to it then he escaped and then- god-” her voice failed her.

Image: Phoebe is sitting up and holding the blanket against her chest. She’s looking down with an upset expression on her face, and is making a frustrated hand gesture. Bluebell is looking at her pitifully. End description.



I'm "back" from Othercon and had a total blast. The panels were great, the atmosphere was welcoming, and I got to interact with more people than I would have at an in-person convention. Left me with a lot of new questions and insight too.

Regarding the update, that first image is maybe the closest thing to a crowd scene I've ever drawn? Gonna have to get more used to drawing groups- and fast! But that's something that I really like about Kata. It's forcing me to draw a lot of subjects that probably wouldn't have otherwise. Expressions are another prime example of that. Been trying to push them more on this page as well as others. Sometimes when I draw exaggerated expressions they look almost grotesque to me though. I'm not sure if that means I'm still bad at drawing them, or that I'm just not used to including them in my style (probably both.)