“Oh dear, you’re awake,” a voice startled Phoebe and she tilted her head to see a man with an alligator aspect enter the cabin.

Image: A man with the head of an alligator walks into the room. His aspect has grey-blue scales with tan scales on its lower jaw and underside. He is wearing a white labcoat and what appears to be a brown shirt underneath. His eyes are also brown. End description.

“I’m alive,” she said.

The man was preoccupied with the pockets of his white coat, rooting around for an unknown item.

“Are you a doctor?” Phoebe coughed up the remaining bile.

“My name is Alexis. Bluebell. I mean, that’s my last name and people tend to call me by it- here,” he handed her a washcloth, “I’m the one who bandaged you. The woman who found you called me down, well, up here.”

Phoebe froze; “The witch?”

“Yes, we work together.”

“I really died?” Phoebe’s tired gaze shifted to the taupe wall opposite of her, shadows and colors and the edge of the doorway amalgamating as she lost focus, snapped apart by a blink.

Bluebell gave her an inquisitive look. “You weren’t aware?”



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