Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

Image: Phoebe awakens from her dream. Her eyes are wide and her body is still in the fetal position, with one of her legs hanging off the bed that she’s laying in. She is underneath a red blanket, and her visible shoulder has bandages wrapped around it. End description.

Phoebe slowly stirred and groaned. Her head was pounding and a dull, uncomfortable pain rippled outwards from her midsection. The metallic scent of gore coated the inside of her nose. Gore which was slowly mixing with fresh air. Fresh air, crows cawing, flickers of sunlight on her face... Phoebe realized that it was no longer nighttime. She also realized that she was no longer dead.

For a moment, she wondered if everything--the college acceptance letter, the leaving home, the attack--had all been another dream of death. But as she turned her head Phoebe saw that all the fresh air and outside noise was coming from an open window. The scenery in this room was the familiar scenery of the train, and the mattress she was resting on was one of the cabin beds. There was a thin blanket draped over her mostly-bare skin, and when Phoebe lifted it up she saw that a large portion of her chest and stomach were wrapped in bandages.

She leaned over the edge and threw up.

Image: Phoebe, still laying down, hoists her head and shoulders over the edge of the bed to vomit. Her eyes are shut. The vomit itself is not visible. End description.



*Huff huff* I've been working on my Othercon table over the past few days, including pretty much all day today. I wasn't expecting a virtual con table to be this much work! But then again, it's also my fault that I keep going back and making new graphics.