Nicole tugged Phoebe along up a steep footpath, holding her friend’s wrist. The anxiety of getting caught gnawed at Phoebe’s stomach, but Nicole and curiosity drew her ever higher. As the pair reached the top of the bluff they saw the moon shining bright over the sea; light danced on the waves and illuminated the beach below.

“Look!” Nicole said, pointing, “I can see the hotel from here!”

Image: Phoebe and Nicole stand atop one of the cliffs. Beyond them is a black sea and lights making the city. Their backs are turned and they’re holding hands. End description.

“Ohh, you can!” Phoebe looked out at the modest seaside town. She walked closer to the edge of the bluff, a shock suddenly running through her feet as she peered down. “So high…”

“Are you gonna jump?”

“I dunno, you go first…”

“Aww, don’t be a baby!”

“I’m not a baby! I just- it looks so much higher from up here!”

“Come on, you were the one who wanted to in the first place!” Nicole chided, her caracal-aspect ears flattening in irritation.

“I don’t think I want to anymore, you go-” but her hands were already on Phoebe’s shoulders.

Image: A close-up of Nicole pushing Phoebe. Nicole’s eyes are narrowed and she is frowning, while Phoebe is screaming and trying to recoil. End description.