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Waves gently rocked Phoebe’s small frame as she stood in the waist-deep water.

“What’cha looking at?” The other young girl craned her neck.

Phoebe pointed to a swath of cliffs further up the beach. “Do you think it’d be fun to jump off those?”

“Yeah! At the pool I can jump off the high dive now. I bet up there would be even better.”

Image: A young girl with a caracal aspect is standing in the ocean water. She is wearing a burgundy swimsuit, and is smiling with her arms stretched out towards the sky. Behind her are more beachgoers, and on the shore is a row of buildings next to a few high cliffs. End description.

“Mrs. Lehrer would never let us, though…” Phoebe said.

At that moment, the girls’ teacher called out to her students, rallying them for dinner, “It’s getting late. Phoebe, Nicole, time to come out.”


“It’s fine,” Nicole answered, “We’ll just sneak out later tonight!”

Phoebe Ashcroft and Nicole Russel did just that.