“You stuck to the story we agreed on?” Cat asked.

“Yeah. A fae somehow snuck onto the train and went on a killing spree. In pursuit, I found an unconscious lady- two totally unrelated situations. Both her attacker and the fae escaped out the back of the train, and then an earthquake hit. Do you really think that’s believable?”

Image: A flashback of Julia and Yuli standing over Phoebe’s body. Phoebe’s dress is heavily torn and some of her guts are sticking out from underneath her. Her shoulder bone is also visible. There is a giant splatter of blood underneath her and behind her. There is also blood on Julia and Yuli. Julia is looking down at Phoebe, her hands over her mouth in shock. End description.

“It’s more believable than what actually happened. I can’t wait until the Society grabs the official report of this whole thing for us. I wonder if all three incidents are related, especially since this track doesn’t run through any quake zones.”

“Seems like too good of a coincidence, but aside from that I have no clue. I don’t think that thing was actually a fae though.” Julia groaned, “I can’t believe I packed up my hoop and everything! At least I had Yuli, my greatest weapon.”

Yuli smiled in a way that neither dogs nor foxes should smile, “Yes.” Their voice was a perfect imitation of Julia’s.

“It's not your fault. Nobody knew all that shit was about to happen,” Cat said, “Although, if that thing wasn’t a fae, then-”

“What a mess,” a disgruntled voice interrupted him. He looked up to see Julia’s sibling, Dr. Asmeret Morevna.

Image: Cat and Julia look up at Asmeret, who’s looking down at them sternly with crossed arms. Asmeret has a raven aspect and dark skin. They’re wearing a light pink cardigan, grey sweatpants, and darker pink slippers. More of the field is visible behind the group, showing scattered trees and a forest in the distance. End description.