Consumption or not, it pried her body open and locked its claws into her flesh. Phoebe glanced down at the vivisection for a moment and a new wave of adrenaline shivered through her.

Image: A tilted close-up of Phoebe’s midsection. Her dress and body have both been torn open, revealing the bottom of her ribcage and her guts. The monster’s hands can be seen, and one is slipping its fingers into her guts from behind. Again, everything is black and white except for the gore. End description.

She couldn’t hear herself but she was sure she must be screaming. She screamed until the wails turned to gurgles as blood spilled out of her gagged mouth. Something--static, pressure--thumped through her spine as the monster’s form was swallowed by hers. Her blood flowed over it as it’s own viscera seeped through its fur, their tissues melting together. The boundary between them blurred like the horizon on a sweltering day. Phoebe no longer knew where she ended and where it began.

Image: An illustration in the same style as the previous two. Light and blood swirl around the pair as the Consumption pulls them together. They’re now chest-to-chest, although the monster is pulling away. Phoebe’s organs and viscera are rubbing up against it, and her visible eye is closed. End description.
Image: A crop of the above image, focused on the pair’s busts. The background is now white while Phoebe and the monster are colored bright red. Phoebe’s visible eye is now wide open and pupil-less. End description.

Then, the light overwhelmed them.