Julia turned her attention back to Yuli, who was still holding their ground. The dog-then-fox-thing let out a harrowing yell, but the monster only hissed in return and reared up on two legs.

“Oh, you think you’re going to beat us at intimidation?” Julia scoffed. She seemed more than ready to jump into the fray. Phoebe wondered why she wasn’t going after the wildebeest-headed man, but then realized that he was nowhere to be seen. The rear door of the car had been opened, leading to nothing but wilderness rendered a blur by the train’s speed.

Image: Julia stands triumphantly, her hands on her hips, while Yuli is at her side. Yuli is a red fox, with a dark mask-like marking covering most of their face and a white streak on their muzzle. End description.

Phoebe turned to face the witch. All she had to do was restrain that thing and then she’d be able to undo the Consumption. Fix this mess. But just as Yuli looked ready to finish the job, the car violently lurched without warning. Steel fought against steel, bumping and grating. A deafening screech filled Phoebe’s ears as gravity tossed her against a wall. Her immediate reaction was don’t fall against someone, don’t fall against someone, and she put all her strength into re-steadying herself. Scanning the room, she saw that her rescuers had both suffered a similar fate, and had tripped over the now-fallen trunk.

Image: Phoebe slams against the wall of the train car. Her eyes are closed and her ears are back. End description.

“God, what’s going on now?” Julia spoke breathlessly as she attempted to stand up. The car lurched again, “Fuck, Yuli, something’s wrong with the train. Okay, what if we get the girl into that box and then…” her voice was overtaken by more screeching.